What they really want

Reach them like you want to be reached

They know nothing about you, so assume nothing

Read about hot music, use the tricks that worked on you

If you don't say what you sound like, you won't make many fans

Proudly exclude some people

The most expensive Vodka

If you target sharp enough, you will own your own niche

Bad targeting example: progressive rocker targeting teeny boppers

Touch as many of their senses as you can

Lose the corporate speak

Always leave em' wanting more

Imagine a play with 1,000 actors on stage

Be an extreme version yourself

Even conservative legends were extreme

Well-rounded doesn't cut it

Test, improve, perfect, announce

A good biz plan wins no matter what happens

Was 10% now 90%

DIY = Decide it yourself

This is only a test. See what happens

Business is creative

Captain T

Someone you know

Be a friend, not a mosquito

Persistence is also polite

Stay in close touch with hundreds of people

Get used to the idea of database and quantity

Database tips

Meet three new people every week

Always think how can I help someone

Get personal

Don't be afraid to ask for favors

Small gifts go a long way

Life is like High School

Shining example - Rayko

Make these habits, and they won't seem so hard

Why words matter more than ever

How to describe your music

Hillbilly Flemenco

Tell people why they should care

Blah blah blah...what not to say

Always have fun - don't be too corporate

Or you can not talk at all

Promo box on your desktop

Your interactive website

Put your fans to work

Photos of your audience on your website

Go where the filters are

Assume the basic scale, and go for quantity

Be a novice marketer, not an expert

Extreme results = extreme actions

Stay in over your head

Compass in your gut

How to penetrate College Markets

A musician's advice about the College market

The philosophies of fame