The day I gave my CD to a Coffee Shop


One day I went to get a quick cup of coffee at a local Starbucks and noticed something quite interesting. There was the typical line for coffee, and the wait for coffee was anywhere between 5-10 minutes. As I Stood in line I noticed something. A rack of CD’s for sale by various artists just to the left of the line within arms reach. As I stood there I grabbed the latest “Cold Play” CD to look at it, and put it back on the rack.


As I Sat & drank my coffee I witnessed other customers ado the exact same thing I did, examining the CD’s while they were waited in line. One of the customers said “Is this new Cold Platy CD any good.” The barista said “Yeah that’s it playing in the background.” It was at this time I realized something. I realized was the psychological mindset of some of these customers waiting in line. During that 5-10 minute time window many patrons had a heightened attention span. Kind of like the guy who hands out news papers to people waiting in line at the Ferry Terminal.


So the next day I went to several mom & pop coffee shops around Seattle and asked the owners if they wouldn’t mind selling one of the CD’s I had just produced and split the profits with me 50/50. I placed the CD’s directly to the left in an area clearly visible to the customer, and within arms reach. The actual CD I sold was a CD I had produced earlier that year known as Drum Dynasty. More information about the project can be found here. Drum Dynasty featured New Age Ambience with Intense World Rhythms – pretty compatible for most Coffee houses.  The operation was a complete success


BOTTOM LINE - I believe it’ was no coincidence the CD rack was where it was at Starbucks that day. It created the perfect Point of Sale environment and mentality that drove many consumers to the Point of Sale. The point I am trying to make is this. There are many small  things that you can do at your Merch Table that will greatly increase your bottom every night.