Submitting your demo package to a club owner or booker.

To get a paying gig in a club, the person you need to talk to is the club owner. The club owner will decide whether to book your band based on your demo CD. I've seen these people throw away CD's without even listening to them based on the package appearance. Your demo CD will have anywhere from 3 to 10 songs on it. The first song should be your best -  to get the club owner listening. The CD needs to be professional-grade period from top to bottom. The CD label should have your band name on it and, all pertinent contact information. Put someone's name and phone number on the CD label so that if the booker or club owner loses everything except the CD, he can still reach you. I've seen this happen time and time again. HEre's some of the thing that shoud be in the package

- Demo CD

- Cover letter

- Professional Band Pics

- Press Pack

- "1" Sheet tailored specifically around live data

- Reliable contact information

- A list of any other venues you have played

- The expected size of your draw

- Stickers

The demo CD is critical first solid impression item after the cold call or cold visit. Be creative about other things you throw in. So put some thought into it. In the package you want a good 8x10 photo of the band, a one-page bio of the band and a one-page summary of any press clippings, if you have them. If you've played anywhere else list them as references. If you play 4-5 really good shows at different places around town - word of mouth between club owner can be a very powerful thing. The same thing can be said if a gig goes really bad.  

The last thing you need in your package is a one-page cover letter. You'll have to customize the cover letter for each club you send your package to, but if you put some effort into a standard form you'll have a good base to work with so you'll just have to change a few words each time you submit it. Basically, your letter needs to explain why you are the right band for this club and how many people your band can potentially draw to the club when you perform. If your band has an e-mail mailing list with 2,000 local people in it, you should say that. If you recently played somewhere and drew 200 people, you should say that. The cover letter should let the booker know that your band is the "real deal" and why that particular club owner or booker should care.