Stepping Stones to the Top


So let’s review your stepping stones to the top. This is a re-cap of everything we’ve discussed over the duration of “BIZ TALK” All the below information was provide for you on “BIZ TALK” Starting from a small indie band to signing a Major Record Deal. All below must be Industry Standard, and timeline of all of the below milestones could take between 5-10 years.



“You're with the pretenders”



1 - Form band (or artist)                                                                                                                                    

2 - Possess the following attributes: Good Motivation, Marketability, Music

3 - Record, mix and master Industry standard CD or DEMO

4 - Release CD or DEMO in April

5 - Distribute CD to CD baby – sign up fro Digital Distribution  - Recommended

6 - Distribute your CD to Music Critics

7 - Build Electronic Press Pack on SOINICBIDS - Recommended

8 - Sign up for free SONIBIDS e-mail alerts letting you know of upcoming gigs so you can to submit your EPK directly to them.

9 - Build and continue to develop “1” Sheet


11 - Distribute your CD of DEMO to Radio via Radio Direct- X  - Recommended

12 - Re-locate (if necessary) to an area compatible with a strong fan base

13 - Rehearse your live set

14 - Distribute your CD or DEMO to several local club owners

15 - Start playing several small low profile gigs to get comfortable playing live

16 - Get a Booking Agent of Join a Booking Agency

17 - Get legal representation

18 - Hire your own sound guy

19 - Start playing the local club circuit (5-15) shows a month, 200 shows annually

20 - Get positively networked with the who’s who of local bands, and local club owners

21 - Maximize your Internet Presence

22 - Generate a local buzz around your music within a specific region or locale  



“You're with the contenders”

 YEARS 2-5


23 - Release CD or DEMO each & every year in April

24 - Play high quality venues only. (5-15) shows a month, 200 shows annually                  

25 - Send demo package to A&R Representatives with a personal invite to a live performance at a high quality venue. (Recommended draw be 1,000+)

26 - Plan and conduct a regional tour, 6-9 month window (200 shows annually)

27 - Continue to document and develop your PRESS PACK“&”1” SHEET as you increase in popularity. Document all “hard numbers’ like CD sales, Merchandise, and ticket sales numbers, and Radio Airplay Info.



“You’re with the pros”



28 - Have you Legal Representative evaluate all offers that come in from small, reputable record labels.

29 - Don’t sign the first deal you get offered. Play the Negotiating game rendering a “fair & honest” deal.

30 - Sign your first “fair & honest” deal with a reputable “indie” label or Entertainment Group

31 - Have s successful tenure with the small “indie” label, or Entertainment Group

32 - Have you Legal Representative evaluate all offers that come in from a Major Record Label towards the end of your tenure with an “Indie” Label.

33 - Don’t sign the first offer you see. Play the Negotiating game to render an “attractive” deal.

34 -Sign your first “attractive” deal with a Major Record Label or Entertainment group.