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CD REVIEW: Richard Anthony (Goberville) - Love is the Power

By: Cyrus Rhodes






Artist: Richard Anthony (Goberville)
Album: Love is the Power
Label: Independent Artist

Genre: Electronica, Power Pop, Ambient Pop-Jazz
Sounds Like: Pet Shop Boys,
Enrique Iglesias

Technical Grade: 7/10
Production/ Musicianship Grade: 7/10

Commercial Value: 8/10
Overall Talent Level: 8/10
Songwriting Skills: 7/10
Performance Skill: 8/10
Best Songs: Love is the Power, Free, Lonely

Weakness: Short Sided CD, Winded Songs, Post Production (Mastering)  




Illinois based Singer/Songwriter Richard Anthony (Goberville) releases his latest CD entitled Love is the Power in 2011. Anthony is a fascinating artists in the sense that he is  a physics teacher by day artist by night. Reading from his bio: Influenced by everyone from Stevie Wonder to Pet Shop Boys to Michael Jackson, Richard Anthony's style is an array of what he grew up loving. He's got the dance of Enrique Iglesias and the pop appeal of recent Backstreet Boys. 

The CD kicks things off with “We Belong” warm and inviting intro piece that delivers dynamic synthetic rhythm against mesmerizing vocals all built on a rich sonic foundation that peaks and valleys its way through to emotional fruition. Track 2 “Love is the Power” keep thing wmoving in the right direction with mesmerizing intro, eventually lending itself to catchy Electronica piece delivering inviting moog bass groove, against impressive vocal harmonies and thought-provoking lyrical content. Track 3 “Fantasy” delivers yet another impressive track with its methodical intro, eventually lending itself into an impressive heart felt ballad with grand slam chorus and inviting vibe. The CD makes a good first impression delivering 3 compelling tracks in a row. This music is rather hard to pigeonhole. I would classify this music as Alternative Electronica with brief splashes of Power Pop, chill, dub and even Melodic Pop-Jazz. Despite this it's quite amazing how refined Anthony’s sound is. I especially like the theatrical element of this production - very dynamic, progressive and melodic. Note for note, song for song it will definitely keep you entertained lifting your spirits without even trying. The CD flows extremely well song to song and note for note. There are also lush layers of melodic instrumentation, horns, guitar and solo guitar, keyboard and synthesizer accents, Saxophone, Piano, Harp lush harmonies and creative sonic soundscapes layered everywhere. This is the strong suit of this production and its obvious Anthony has put allot of time crafting this production. Clearly he is a capable composers and his vocals fit this style of music perfectly – passionate, heartfelt and warm. From melodic “Lonely” to passionate “Not Afraid” to danceable “The Meaning” to invigorating “Free” this CD has something for just about everyone. The CD ends with “We Belong (extended Mix)” the perfect finale statement for a CD of this caliber.  

Looking at the liner notes I don’t see anyone listed as the Mastering Engineer thus I suspect this production was not mastered. This is clearly a mistake as the impact of a Mastering Engineer during post production can not be overstated. All songs over 4 minutes tend drag you to the finish line big time. Anthony should trim up his songs by 25% and consider adding 2-3 more songs to the catalogue.   

From start to finish Love is the Power by Richard Anthony (Goberville) is an impressive musical statement from start to finish. The music is highly melodic, creative and packed with powerful emotions and passion - all byproducts of love itself. By day Goberville is a dedicated physics teacher, and by night Anthony is clearly a force to reckoned. It would be wise to keep a watchful eye on him outside the classroom.

Cyrus Rhodes

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