Penetrating Radio – METHOD 1


Getting your songs on radio is a snap right? Guess again! Many Independent artists underestimate how tough it really is to get their songs played on the radio, outside the typical Garage Band format. The truth is Radio Stations are saturated with CD's already sent to them by Independent Artists hoping they can get some kind of free hook-up. Well here's what typically happens: your CD will end up in a bin or box, & after a month or so the bin will typically find it's way out to a dumpster. The truth is no one at the station is going to take the time to sort through the hundreds of CD's to find your CD, & subsequently your best material and play it for you. I have seen this time & time again. Even if you know someone "on the inside" most program managers keep a tight leash on their programming & generally frown on “Inside Airplay.” I've even seen DJ's get fired over this. In fact most legitimate radio stations don't accept unsolicited material at all. The truth is Radio is an extremely powerful marketing tool, and almost 100% locked up for professional only. So what’s your best option as an independent artist insofar as Radio Airplay. 


A few years back I stumbled across an exciting new company   that can help Independent Artists get over this hurdle. IMD highly recommends for effective Independent Radio Distribution and Promotion, here's why:





How RDX Works - RDX promotes your release to all Radio, Media & Club DJs (Club Djs for specific genres only) via their weekly release notices. They tell important folks what's new and what's hot each week. These people in return contact RDX and preview any release they are interested in and if they like the material - they request a copy. RDX sends out a CD listing, complete with biography, reviews/quotes, streaming audio samples and the ability for all registered Radio, Club DJs & Media to request and receive a promotional copy of your CD for airplay and/or review.  You only mail your CD when requested. This saves you time, money, CDs and greatly increases the opportunity for radio airplay as each Radio/Media Member has to actually request your CD. In 4-5 weeks we ask that all Radio/Media Members that requested your CD to provide some type of feedback - charts, playlists, comments, reviews, etc.


RDX Release Sheet - RDX creates a release sheet that includes everything our radio members want to see and hear ... your CD Cover, Bio, Audio Samples and a CD request form. This release sheet will be published in our next New Release Update. It goes out once a week. Our members preview your release and if they like what they see, they'll ask for your CD. Pop it in the mail and you've got airplay!


BOTTOM LINE - If your music is good the above strategy should be an effective one.