Penetrating Radio – Method II


We already mentioned that getting your songs on radio is not easy. In fact because it is such an effective and powerful exposure medium it’s almost entirely locked up by the pros. In fact every time you hear a song on the radio, someone paid money to get it on there. Many Independent artists underestimate how tough it really is to get their songs played on the radio, outside the typical Garage Band format. The truth is Radio Stations are saturated with CD's already sent to them by Independent Artists hoping they can get some kind of free hook-up. Well here's what typically happens: your CD will end up in a bin or box, & after a month or so the bin will typically find it's way out to a dumpster. If you don’t believe take a look at this picture.


The truth is no one at a Radio Station is going to take the time to sort through the hundreds of CD's to find your CD, & subsequently put your best material on air. I have seen this time & time again. Even if you know someone "on the inside" most program managers keep a tight leash on their programming & generally frown on “Inside Airplay.” I've even seen DJ's get fired over this. In fact most legitimate radio stations don't accept unsolicited material at all. The truth is Radio is an extremely powerful marketing tool, and almost 100% locked up for professional only. So what’s your best option as an independent artist insofar as Radio Airplay. 


There is in fact another method out there to get your music on the radio. This approach has proven to be much more effective than just mailing in your CD to various radio stations. Try putting together a compilation CD featuring 10-12 of the hottest bands in your local area. This CD will typically feature 1 to 2 songs from each band representing a certain city or locale. For example you could call it “Twin City Techno 2009”. Most program managers welcome these kinds of “Best of” Compilation CD’s, and will look for ways to incorporate into the programming somewhere.


Because it is in fact a coordinated effort the price of this release will have to be split between all the bands in question. So in other words it will take a highly motivated person to do all the leg work on it. Below are just some of the things you’ll have to pay for.


-          DVR’s


-          Packaging


-          BARCODE


-          Mailing out to radio stations


You can either distribute regionally or all across the United States. Be sure to target radio stations that play your specific genre, and College Radio is the way to go. There are many websites that list popular radio station all across the US. is just one URL in a long list of websites that will provide you all applicable contact information. 


BOTTOM LINE – It’s just another way to get your bands best material on the Radio. Radio exposure is a powerful exposure medium, if one of your songs gets some exposure, takes off and get s a lot of requests it can be a huge selling point for your bands.