The 5 M's Pop Quiz

Setting realistic goals and expectations

What it takes

The music business is a gamble

A&R part 1

A&R part 2

A&R part 3

What A&R Representatives look for in new talent

Where A&R Representatives look for new talent

When A&R Representatives look for new talent

Final Thoughts A&R

Contacting the A&R Representative

The reality of solicitation bombardment

Finding the right recording studio


How to find a qualified mixer


Beware of mixers that say they can master


CD Distribution

How CD Baby works

CD release timing

Penetrating Radio - Method i

Penetrating Radio - Method II

Internet Radio Distribution

What does your press pack say about you

EPK Recommendations

Be a contender not a pretender

Get your music reviewed

Band websites

Band pics - Hire a pro

Internet Presence

Posting Lyrics on-line

The importance of live exposure

Conquering the local club circuit

Submitting your demo to a club owner

Assembling your Street Team

Pre-booking advice

The Contract

You got the gig Ė now what

Right before the gig

Be a responsible performer

How to handle crowd situations

Booking Letters

Legitimate reasons for non payment

The night I gave my CD away

The day I gave my CD a coffee house

How to make the most of your merch

Treat every show like itís your last

 Going from pretender to contender

How a bad sound guy can ruin your night

OK maybe it's time we hired our own Sound Guy

OK Maybe it's time hired a dedicated Road Crew

OK Maybe it's time we hired our own Manger

Something every Roadie should read

OK maybe it's time we hired s Booking Agent or Agency

The Indie Venue Bible can help

The Basics of Legal Contracts

OK maybe it's time we got some Legal Representation

Some Legal Documents you may need

Professional Rights Organization (PRO) Affiliation

Donít be a yes artist

Setting up a regional tour - Some things to consider

How much the Pros didn't make last year on tour

Top Money Makers on Tour  - 2008

How to set up a regional tour - Preliminary Planning Stages

List of some Booking and Touring Agencies

Pay to Play - the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Sometimes the smartest thing is to say no thanks

Keeping your eye on the Ultimate Prize

Stepping stones to the top

 2 weeks in Nashville

POS is Never Wrong

The Price we pay for our Musical Independence

Introducing Poser Rock - an amazing new genera

What Movie Music Supervisors look for

Contacting the Movie Music Supervisor

Production Music Libraries

Commercials are a waste of my time Ė guess again


Favorite quotes of the Industry

Musicians and Social Media