Internet Presence


Internet Presence along with Online Social Networking is one just one of the things A&R Representative look at when evaluating money making potential in a band or artist. A strong internet presence, and socially networking shows that your not only beating the street, it shows your working hard getting both your name and music out here for the world to see. Below are 10 things you can do to greatly increase your overall Search Engine Optimizing.

- Band URL, Official Website

- My Space

-  Facebook

- Twitter

- Soundclick 

- Garageband

- Interviews

- Concert and Music reviews

- Live clips and videos on YOU TUBE

- Posting your song lyrics online

- Distributing your music to CD BABY and signing up for Digital Distribution - More Info

- Signing up for Radio Direct-X Extensive Radio Distribution - More Info

- Linking & networking with other bands sites

- Becoming affiliated with a local Club owners, & Booking Agencies for their various Press Releases regarding upcoming events