From Pretender to Contender


Does the below description sound like you?


So you've just released your CD. The response a week after your release party is overwhelming. You are delivering a solid live presentation 5 to 10 times a month at many hi-quality venues around the area. You are continuing to build a strong fan base locally, and you continue to generate a positive regional buzz around your music  You are witnessing thousands of fans downloading your music on your URL and My Space Pages. You are selling hundreds of CD's a night, and you have received many positive live, and music reviews to boot. Your songs are currently being played on local radio, and you are documenting all of the above in your EPK and ď1ĒSheet.. All of the above in conjunction with a solid Press Pack builds your case or signing power. It also conveniently puts all your efforts in perspective for the A&R Representative.


Itís taken years to get here, and to develop a serious draw potential regionally. Almost every show has a draw of between 500 to 1,000 people. You have swallowed your pride & paid your dues along the way by selling thousands of CDís out of the trunk of your car, giving them away even, and getting puked on. Youíve slept in a car, and you have proved yourself each weekend by bending over backwards for a lot of people in the industry. Now you are at a place where all your hard work and persistence is paying off.  At times this whole thing feels like a runaway train, and your slam dunk live delivery is like pouring gasoline on the fire.


Again - Does the above description sound like you?


If it does, congratulations despite being Independent, you are a contender in the Music Industry. Itís taken you years to get here. A huge draw always leads to bigger and better things, and itís your most important bargaining chip you have when being evaluated by a music professional. Now is the time where things are about to get interesting, and you cannot get overly complacent about who you are, and where you want to go.


 Below are 10 things you should consider if you want to take your musical operations to the next level.  


-          Join a Prominent Booking Agency


-          Get reputable Band Manager


-          Get Legal representation


-          Hire your own sound guy


-          Play quality venues only


-          Get networked with other popular bands in your region


-          Volunteer to fill opening slots for some of the above bands


-          Book a major tour either regionally or across the US with a few other popular local bands


-          Begin submitting your SONICBIDS EPK to Prime Time Event Promoters and Talent Buyers


-          Send you CD, Press Pack, copy of your live schedule to a few A&R Representatives (include a personal invite to a live performance.)