The importance of live exposure

Conquering the local club circuit

Submitting your demo to a club owner

Assembling your Street Team

Pre-booking advice

The Contract

You got the gig Ė now what

Right before the gig

Be a responsible performer

How to handle crowd situations

Booking Letters

Legitimate reasons for non payment

The night I gave my CD away

The day I gave my CD a coffee house

How to make the most of your merch

Treat every show like itís your last

 Going from pretender to contender

How a bad sound guy can ruin your night

OK maybe it's time we hired our own Sound Guy

OK Maybe it's time hired a dedicated Road Crew

OK Maybe it's time we hired our own Band Manger

Something every Roadie should read

OK maybe it's time we hired s Booking Agent or Agency

The Indie Venue Bible can help

The Basics of Legal Contracts

OK maybe it's time we got some Legal Representation

A few Legal Documents you may need

Professional Rights Organization (PRO) Affiliation

Donít be a yes artist

Setting up a regional tour - Some things to consider

How much the Pros didn't make last year on tour

Top Money Makers on Tour  - 2008

How to set up a regional tour - Preliminary Planning Stages

List of some Booking and Touring Agencies

Pay to Play - the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly