Favorite Music Quotes of the Music Industry

If you want to see how the record industry works don't go to a radio station, go to its dumpste

The independent music scene is a multi million dollar business for jewel case makers &print cartridge manufacturers.

Just because you can record, doesn't mean you should.

Mixing is where all the hard decisions get made.


Just because it happened to you doesn't mean its interesting."

The hardest thing to do in this business is start a band nobody's heard of.

The problem with alternative radio is that it has no fiber at all, and is giving itself it's own enema.


There are 10 cool methods out there bands use all the time to contact A&R Representatives, unfortunately none of them work.


People don't buy plastic and paper, they buy emotions.


There are no grey areas in the music business, just green ones.


Don't try to explain it, just try to sell it


Information is the key to success


Producer is businessman more than musician or glorified arranger.


Never spend your own $$$. Never borrow against current.


Fame w/o Fortune = new car w/o keys


Writer escalates to publisher. Arranger escalates to producer.


If you want things to move fast, it means that you have to, also. Accelerates everything about the process. Accept sacrifices, controversy, turmoil. People that go out of their way

to wreck your connections, hurt you. etc


If you come across as someone who'll do anything, you'll have to.


What are you prepared to do? (Everything has a price tag)


Offering talent & music only is slow lane. Fast lane is built on aspirations & anxiety.


Morality = speed limit


There is no good or bad. All relative to what we're used to. One man's tea is another man's poison.


#1 problem of musicians is not looking at themselves as product. Need a business plan as if I was a TV set, car, any product. Talent = product. (like candybar) Image = marketing. (luscious photos) Walking down the aisle looking for cereal. You choose box & take it home to see if you like it or not. Problem is product (band) has a mind (gets sad & happy)


People work with people they like. Make them your #1 fan. They like you or your music. What reason - why do they like you? Common interests


Biz:: “If we don't know you, go away” - We're busy dealing with people we know & love.


Info: It's knowing what to do with info. It's a state of mind. Headed down the right road, there are key things you need to know.


Chemistry between two people determines whether relationship becomes seedy. Someone makes it important to protect your interests.


Weakest link in the chain (like in bands) also applies to individual. Weakest link in your talent, personality?


Who do you licence your product to? People who like it! FANS: #1. me #2. friend #3. executives


Try not to ever say no. It messes up relationship. Don't develop relationships with people who would ask you to do something you'll say no to.


Now = future of yesterday. Doorway to future.


Make yourself bigger than life. (Bigger than real) More desirable than air. Needed for money, music, sex, everything.


Biz / world thrives on sensationalism, not realism. People want to see but not be in it. Wanna see you do something sexywild. Create a fantasy - SHOW it to people through all media. People who want to do what you're doing will support it. USE this power.




Eye - 1st Ear - 2nd


It's all sexual. MTV & Madison Ave. thrive on this.


Most people would not do it? That's what makes sensationalism. Gotta have balls & a gimmick. Get into the grey area. Nothing sensationalistic about being normal! Bizzare, appealing. SUCCESS = ability to be court jester*** Bisexual, atheist, asexual, rasta, anything.


Now people wanna know why if you're normal, people can label you & forget about you.


If it's 100% acceptable, it's normal. If some people hate it, it's sensational 


Who & what you are is not important. Perception of audience is important.


If you're abnormal, you'll be successful in all avenues. Any profession. What you do isn't important. It's why. Motive. (Ex: strip to sell records. Dress weird cuz we're entertainers. Up all nite)


Having recipe, plan, strategy, marketing plan is like having ingredients in bowl. You've got to bake it. (Do it!)


No conservatives in this biz. Industry wants the most liberal. Even in conservative side (Liza Minelli Frank Sinatra Streisand, etc.) They're saying / doing something extreme.


No one gives you $$ cuz you're good. They give you $$ if they think you're great. (Pay to see you do things they want to do.)


Time is now. Performer can not wait. Timing is very important. If you feel there's a place for you now....


Meaning of life: perception. Conning people into thinking what they're saying is true. You can do anything if you get people to believe you didn't do it. Reality is perception.


Perception is not real.


Truth is not mobile. Doesn't transcend. Only exists in that one situation. (ex: “you'll have to sign away your publishing” = not true. "Bands always have to sign away their

publishing“ = not true. ”Spin Doctors had to sign away their publishing" = OK , one situation.) As time changes, truth changes.


Getting people to believe what they're willing to accept. I am a dream come true. I understand and care about them. My destiny is their destiny. (Like mass hypnosis.)


Preparing: How you distribute your time. Seeing it, wanting it, doing it.


You don't acquire extreme wealth, success, talent without extreme actions. Make list of all you wanna do & do them all at once. Be less leisurely.


Don't punch a clock making someone else rich!! Always self-employed.


Worry is rust on the blade. Friction destroys the machine, not action.


What can I do to get buying public more sensationalized about me? What image would really get them worked up? They have to believe I did things they wanna do


Name of the game is to STICK OUT!!!. When you're doing what everyone else is doing, you're among THE REST. Get an edge on everyone else. Exceptional from day one!


Take a different approach from everyone else. Separate & apart from.... In No way associated with. Different. They see you from a distance. View yourself as exceptional & different. Don't stand in line.


Madonna, Morrissey represent rebels. Rebels buy the most records. Sick of the ordinary. Do all the things mommy & daddy told them not to do. Grey area. This is what sells. ??:


Whatever belief you adopt. Believing in it full-on feeds itself. If they say you need a live show - look at rap. Say you need a record - look at heavy metal or cover bands.


Don't show your weakest side (whether live, record, ??)


Test marketing is national not at a bar. Get some airplay, Billboard, Media coverage. Sell a single, EP, album.


It's alright to piss off one person if it makes others happy.


Got to know who you're doing business with. Know their real philosophies, not just the ones they tell you.


No one thing is the answer. (best recording = combination digital/analog)


Rebellion in public. Public wants more. That's why tabloids sell. Sick of normal, they want taboo.


Sometimes the place you need to go is painfully obvious.


After you get deal, in negotiation, you keep showcasing. First people to make your fans are the record company. People that work at the label. Be friendly. Get them to want to help you.


Hard Sell Approach. Be Aggressive. Go for it. Seize every opportunity. Let nothing take away opportunity. See what you want. Get it. Take advantage. Move quickly.


Don't make enemies. Make friends. Have a great product.


CLEAR FOCUS: if you're going for deal. Concerted, conscious effort to want to get a deal. Key is not what you have now.


Concept without power to implement it is nothing. Get the Deal!! Compete on a big scale, not small scale. Why spend energy getting a gig, get a deal.