EKP Recommendations


Prevent your Press Kit from landing in the circular file. The internet has revolutionized many things including Press Pack submission. Electronic Press Packs, or EPK's are the wave of the future. For electronic Press Kit Submissions IMD highly recommends www.sonicbids.com here's why. Sonicbids send you the artist e-mail alerts listing all upcoming tours and musical events so artists can submit their EPK's directly to people like the Event Coordinators, Tour Directors, A&R Reps, and Music and Movie Producers. If these individuals like what they see and hear on your submitted EPK you could get the gig you want. Sonic bids provides you the artist an effective way to submit your EPK directly to these people who can make it all happen for you, and guess what - it really works. 





- Submit your bands EPK & songs to top Tour Promoters and Booking Agents.


- Summit your EPK directly to the Film Producers, and Movie Music Supervisors


- Submit your EPK to songwriting contests


- Sign up for E-Mail alerts letting you know in advance of upcoming gig opportunities