Contacting Movie Music Supervisors 


Chances are if you have good music (all genres) there is a Movie Music Supervisor looking to sequence it into a TV or Film production right now. IMD has an extensive Music Supervisor Registry that lists hundreds of Movie Music Supervisors around the country & abroad to get your music noticed and licensed into Film or TV. IMD highly recommends you include the following in your package


        -        Formal Letter


        -        Your latest CD


        -        Press Pack or a link to EPK


        -        1 Sheet


        -        Reliable contact Information




Send your music to hundreds of Movie Music Supervisors



Be sure to follow up each package with a formal phone call or e-mail correspondence to help it get your package recognized. Most of the Music Sups I've been in contact with welcome these kinds of professional looking packages & keep them on file until they are needed to make a production deadline. Producers are always searching for the perfect piece of music to fit the perfect scene, The Movie Music Supervisor Distribution package puts it right under their noses.  If an interested Professional does call you back, or makes you an offer IMD highly recommends you have them establish a dialogue with your Music Lawyer.