Hearing is believing

Flattening guitar tracks

Mixing things up - literally

Mixing techniques - monitoring volume levels

Parallel compression

Drum Mic'ing - Part I

Drum Mic'ing - Part II

Drum Mic'ing - Part III

Guitar Layering

Recording Bass Guitar

Building your own Mic Closet


Control Surfaces

EQ'ing the Kick Drum

Listening Variety with your Speakers

Audio Interface Options

Re Amping

Recording Vocals

Introduction to Soft Synth

Tips on Recording Home Studio Projects

Is Louder always Better?

Effective DAW Optimization

Pitch Correction

Audio Interfacing


Vocals Revisited

Guitar Tracking

Tuning Drums

Vocals Again

MIDI & your Studio


Mic'ing Guitar



Guitar Amp Modeling

File Management

Project Perspectives

Mixing with Headphones

Laptop Recordings

Equal Loudness Contour

Monitor Positioning

Beware of to Many Hats

Guitar Modeling