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EP REVIEW: Automatik Eden  - Self Titled (3 song EP)

by: Cyrus Rhodes


"a deadly combination"





Band/Artist: Automatik Eden

Album: Automatik Eden

Label: Music Connection

Website: http://automatikeden.com/

Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Psychedelic Punk

Sounds Like: L7, Liz Phair, Hole, Garbage Joan Jett

Technical Grade: 9/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 9/10
Commercial Value: 9/10
Overall Talent Level: 9/10
Songwriting Skills: 9/10
Performance Skill: 9/10
Best Songs: Chimera

Weakness: EP release, retail non-compatibility


NOTE: 10 star rating are reserved only for Full Length CD's.   



Los Angeles 2 piece musical project “Automatik Eden” just released their self titled debut EP in 2012. Band members include 2 core members: David Crocco and Cela Scott. Citing one recent music review: In the dreamy, eerie outing, mixed by Sean Beavan (NIN), you can practically hear the song in a David Fincher soundtrack. AE seem to have the potential to exceed their influences.” Music Connection Magazine.

The CD kicks things off with rocking “Girlfriend” a high voltage intro piece that dishes out solid low end rock groove, with driving rock rhythm against mean sounding guitar and infectious vocals from Scott. Track 2 “Citadel” serves-up another strong piece combining hooky guitar ambience with raw vocal passion that methodically flows and ebbs its way through emotional fruition. This second track showcases the vocal abilities of Crocco this time which push the envelope and should be considered both explosive and dangerous. Track 3 my personal favorite “Chimera” presents a more aggressive, psychedelic rock flavor combining mesmerizing guitar rhythm leading you head first into a grand slam chorus and catchy vocal finale from Scott.  As the EP slowly unfolds I can hear many different musical textures reminiscent of classic acts L7, Liz Phair, Hole, Garbage and even Joan Jett. I will add Automatik Eden has a dark side. The music has everything you would expect from the typical 4 piece standard – great low end rock grooves, driving distorted guitar rhythms with catchy melodic vocals and a few well-placed harmonies layered along the way. The vocal style from Scott and Crocco work wonders together and both have a jagged edge to it, but manages to go down very smooth. Zeroing in on Scott: her vocals showcase a crystal clear vibrato, with an appealing mezzo-soprano persona. Her falsetto is to die for. Scott takes many impressive vocal risks throughout the EP indicating to me a strong and confident vocal ability. I especially like how her voice just sort of flutters melodically with the music. Both possess a lot of visual appeal. As the EP hits solid stride its obvious Automatik Eden is a red hot band (writing and playing). The production value is flawless possessing solid low end frequencies and crystal clear high end clarity. They also brings to the table a lot of musical variety via this 3 song EP that packs a powerful punch. 

I typically deduct 1 star for EP releases. The full length CD is a more accurate and complete snapshot to judge a band or artist from. There is no barcode of the flipside of the CD indicating a retail non-compatibility.

In close I can't get enough of Automatik Eden. Their latest self titled EP entitled is destined to be a hit this Summer, and in itself an impressive debut statement from start to finish that clearly proves these 2 are a force to be reckoned with. The guitar has bite, the bass and drum rhythms have serious low end groove, the songs are all short and sweet musical experiences, and both Crocco and Scott are intoxicating. The overall production value is rock solid. My hats off to the production expertise of veteran mixer Sean Beavan and producer Herwig Maurer. All of the aforementioned make for a deadly combination indeed.

Cyrus Rhodes