Commercials are a Big Waste of My Time Ė Guess Again


If commercial advertising doesn't work then how come companies spend billions of dollars on it every year. Because it works thatís why. Now imagine your song attached to a prime time advertisement, and it is being aired during the Superbowl. It's no surprise how commercials in recent years are becoming more and more lucrative for artists. In fact some commercials seen nationwide have made artists, writers, composers millions due to this massive exposure medium.  Commercials are becoming a serious source of income to artists who have struggled to become successful in traditional ways. Artists like Nick Drake in addition to upcoming and independent artists like Telepopmusik or Dirty Vegas have discovered how important this kind of exposure can be. Even well established commercial artists are benefiting. It was reported that there was a spike in Sting's Brand New Day sales when Desert Rose was running in a Jaguar commercial. Many artists, composers, and arrangers have caught on to this powerful exposure medium. Weather on a national or local level, no one can deny there is a huge demand for commercial music.


I might also add this also applies to commercial radio as well. Don't be fooled, the production value of some of these advertisement slots is huge. If your interested in exploring this medium get your hands on a registry that lists hundreds of Commercial Music Companies you can send your music to. At the end of the day itís just another creative way to get your music exposed to a mass group of people, while putting money in you pocket at the same time.