Legal Documents you may need


 Booking Letter

A sample letter formerly requesting a slot.

Performer or Agents Contract

Iíve seen bands drive hundreds of miles in a van only to find they have either been dumped at the last minute for a bigger more profitable band, or double booked. Ensures the venue delivers what they promised you.

Booking Agreement

A more simplified version of the above document, made especially for smaller venues or a last minute gig.

Band Agreement

This can be very important document to have. Iíve seen bands rehearse for years only to have the singer or some other high profile member whisked away by a label leaving you & the rest of the band out in the cold. Donít let this happen to you! protect the integrity of the years youíve invested into a band today with this document.

Photography/Artwork Licensing Agreement

So the hot new band photo on your newly released  CD belongs to you right? Better make sure. Iíve seen this little problem turn into a major financial disaster mainly because the photographer now wants a piece of the action. Make sure the photographer knows what exploitation of his work he can expect before hand.

Work for Hire Agreement

Looking to do Studio work or URL design for bands or hire someone to do it for you? Make sure you use this simple Work for Hire agreement to make sure all your Digital Art (Music, Videos, Photos, Branding, Logos) belongs to you.  

Artist Management Contract

Used if you intend on managing a band or artist.

Record Producer Agreement

Are you developing an artist with the hopes of someday shopping them to a label. Iíve seen up & coming Producers get burned when a label suddenly romances the artist in question away from the Producer. This can be especially painful if the artist wrote all the music, the end result the artist using you simply as their stepping stone after youíve invested thousands of hours & dollars.   




Just in case your interested, below are a few Standard Record Contracts. The short Form contract is used primarily by smaller Indie Labels, whereas the Long Form Contract is primarily used by Major Labels.     


Sample Record Contract (short Form

Sample Record Contract (Long Form)